Crush1Radio Launches Digital Networking, Discovery, Mentoring and More for Independent Artists  

Established in 2011, Crush1Radio is a digital networking platform for independent artists to connect with industry professionals and A-list International Artists. Established musicians, A&R reps, managers, tastemakers and social media influencers provide artists with critique and promotion of their latest single. This innovative outlet offers artists opportunities for discovery, engagement and enhancement of their talents. Singers/songwriters from across the world are exposed to multiple levels of development.

In collaboration with CR1, celebrity judges will attract targeted talents and audiences via marketing on social media in exchange for compensation. Artists can sign up via a monthly subscription of $1.99, allowing submission of their songs with the option of selecting which celebrity judge(s) will conduct their music review and critique. Subscribers will also receive royalties from BMI, ASCAP and SoundExchange. The selected judges will review song submissions and provide professional feedback to those artists via email, text or Zoom.Our genre covers in-demand music ranging from hip-hop,  R&B and gospel.

Crush1Radio offers all the traditional features of mainstream local radio while implementing online interaction by distributing audio content worldwide. 

Crush1Radio.com to join this outstanding collective. Follow on Facebook and Twitter @Crush1Radio, and on Instagram @crush1_radio.